Joany Badenhorst

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Joany Badenhorst


Joany Badenhorst is an awe-inspiring Paralympian who is currently dominating the slopes worldwide. She is ranked 1st in the world for Boarder-Cross LL-2 and is continuing to exceed expectations at every event she competes in.


Aside from her talent in sport, she is also a born leader- as proven by her amazing job as Co-Captain of the Australian Paralympic team in 2018. A role model for the youth, her team and her country, she was recently given the honor to become the first ever female Flag Bearer of Australia.


Joany is a fighter at heart, with a deep-rooted drive to beat all odds and achieve her dreams. Her story is one of triumph, with many more victories to come. She’s the ideal candidate for any brand who wants to join her on what will be an impressive journey in winter sports.


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