Photos Of Saya Sakakibara

Saya Sakakibara


Born in Japan and having been raised in both Japan and Australia, it’s undeniable that half British, half Japanese Saya Sakakibara was destined for a world-wide career. The second-born of the Sakakibara siblings, Saya learnt from an early age that her older brother Kai wasn’t just a brother, he was someone she would later learn would help her find her feet in the competitive world of BMX racing. Following a phenomenal 2018 season, Saya fought her way to the top ultimately finding herself at 6th in the world and 2nd in ranking. Topping it all off, these incredible achievements were attained in Saya’s rookie year in Elite competition.


Whilst it’s clear Saya has made her mark in the world of BMX, Saya remains humble and will always give credit to another before herself. With the ability to maintain focus on the track whilst remaining true to herself off the track, Saya is so much more than merely an amazing athlete – just ask Red Bull, one of her main sponsors. With her sights set on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, it’s safe to say that Saya Sakakibara is one to watch.