A person who has the power to influence many people through social or traditional media.

Katie Stevens – Fitness/Business Influencer

Katie Stevens is a woman on a mission. With three successful businesses, an ambassadorship for V8 Supercars Australia and a prominent involvement in World, Beauty, Fitness & Fashion (WBFF), it makes you wonder that maybe the person who coined the phrase ‘you can’t win ‘em all’, was dead wrong. Her fearless and open approach to business is a key component of what separates her in the world of influencers.

Katie’s endearing personality in conjunction with real-life successes in the health, fitness and beauty industry is what entices audiences to join Katie on her journey to come.

Jen Hawke – Media Influencer

Jen Hawke made her debut on Australian television on season five of The Bachelor. She was known for her fiery personality, but in truth this lady is just a strong-minded, confident in-her-own-skin and up-for-fun kind of gal. She knows just how to work the room and the camera, so its needless to say she was born to be in the spotlight and is the dream spokesperson for any brand wanting to make some noise and be heard!

Phoebe Timmins – Media Influencer

Phoebe Timmins is the role model every young Australian deserves. With a combination of wit, authenticity and a strong head it’s no surprise the Australian public rallied behind her throughout Survivor, 2016. Phoebe encompasses the traits of a star and hopes her natural ability to connect with others will allow her to aspire those to live a happy and fulfilling life. When it comes to Phoebe it’s clear that what you see is what you get. Her forthright approach is refreshing to the industry and truly makes her an authentic brand ambassador that audiences can relate to.

Nicole Hall – Fitness Influencer

Brisbane based, 26-year-old Nicole Hall is a fitness influencer with a successful personal training business and loyal online following. Nicole’s popularity is not surprising; she oozes bubbly charisma and charm whilst educating her following with her tips on living a healthy, happy life. Nicole already has an impressive list of brand collaborations under her belt, having worked with the likes of Ryder Wear, Australian Sports Nutrition and Mine Tan. Her on screen presence combined with knowledge on health and fitness would make Nicole an amazing ambassador for any lifestyle and fitness brands.


Her passion and tenacity combined with her looks are a winning combination that makes Katherine an asset to any brand!

Tiarne Cockburn – Lifestyle Influencer

Residing in Brisbane’s Southside, Tiarne Cockburn is a force to be wreckoned with. At just 24 years of age, she has an organic following of over 36,000 and has modelled for Fit Affinity, Baby Get Dirty, Lift Gear Australia and Biink Athleisure.


However, Tiarne is so much more than just her looks. She is an educator in the beauty industry and uses her immense passion for her craft to teach and educate women feel the best they possibly can. It’s this brains and beauty combination that makes Tiarne the perfect ambassador or spokesperson for brands wanting to increase their exposure.

Esha-Avantha Naidoo – Fashion & Beauty Influencer

A far cry from your standard influencer, Esha-Avantha Naidoo was born in South Africa before making the move at the age of 3 to Australia, alongside her tight-knit family. An up and comer on the Gold Coast scene whilst making the gradual move to the US fashion and beauty market, Esha has just been hand selected by Khloe Kardashian to join Good American’s ‘Good Squad’ – one of Esha’s greatest career milestones to date.


With a YouTube channel in the works, it’s through Esha’s current socials that she shows off her killer makeup and styling skills. A breath of fresh air on Instagram, Esha’s entire feed is a #nofilter zone, allowing her to connect wither her followers on a personal level.


However, behind all this success is simply a stunning girl, both inside and out. With the ability to turn heads and light up any room she enters, brands can rest assured knowing that Esha will always put her best foot forward.

Rosie Luik – Lifestyle Influencer

Rosie Luik in just her early 30’s has one hell of a life story. She has given birth to 6 children and all in the process maintained an incredibly healthy figure and desire to do more with her life. 4 children of her own and twins as a surrogate – she truly is one of a kind. Her surrogacy could have cost her everything, with a complicated pregnancy and serious health complications whilst giving birth, she almost lost her life. But in true Rosie fashion she persevered and is out there sharing her story.


A published author, model and on screen talent – Rosie can do it all and is the perfect brand ambassador for a business looking for someone with a real story that can connect to their customers. Rosie is Brisbane based and is available via enquiry through Blue Chip Talent’

Sakara Bell – Lifestyle Influencer

23-year-old Sakara Bell already has a long list of brand collaborations under her belt. Her impressive Instagram following and bubbly personality make her a hit with brands and viewers alike.

Living on the Gold Coast, Sakara studies Sports Journalism, proving she is more than her blonde bombshell looks. Sakara also won Miss Tourism QLD in 2018.

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