Photos Of Esha-Avantha Naidoo

A far cry from your standard influencer, Esha-Avantha Naidoo was born in South Africa before making the move at the age of 3 to Australia, alongside her tight-knit family. An up and comer on the Gold Coast scene whilst making the gradual move to the US fashion and beauty market, Esha has just been hand selected by Khloe Kardashian to join Good American’s ‘Good Squad’ – one of Esha’s greatest career milestones to date.


With a YouTube channel in the works, it’s through Esha’s current socials that she shows off her killer makeup and styling skills. A breath of fresh air on Instagram, Esha’s entire feed is a #nofilter zone, allowing her to connect wither her followers on a personal level.


However, behind all this success is simply a stunning girl, both inside and out. With the ability to turn heads and light up any room she enters, brands can rest assured knowing that Esha will always put her best foot forward.