Promising Paralympic snowboarder, Joany Badenhorst, joins Blue Chip Talent

Promising Paralympic snowboarder, Joany Badenhorst, joins Blue Chip Talent

September 28, 2017 | Features

Promising Paralympic snowboarder, Joany Badenhorst, joins Blue Chip Talent

Joany Badenhorst, from Griffith, is a snowboard wunderkind, currently ranked number one in the world for Boarder-Cross LL-2.

In early November 2017, Joany will depart on a World Cup Tour to the Netherlands, Finland and Canada where she plans to showcase her skills and remind the industry exactly why she is the current titleholder in her field.

“I’ve reached a lot of milestones over the past 12 months so I’m feeling really strong and confident about the season ahead”, said Joany.

Her latest endeavours in the winter sport are more than impressive. In the past few months Joany has secured one gold, two silver and four bronze medals for her admirable efforts.

“I’m not focused on anyone else, I’m just focused on me and my board when I’m out there and that works for me”, said the young star.

Joany made her debut in the competitive sport at the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi and it certainly didn’t take long for industry experts, spectators and her competitors to realise she was one to watch.

Her participation in the 2014 Paralympic Games was more than just the launch of Joany’s professional career. It was the first time in history an Australian female had ever competed in Boarder-Cross at the Paralympics.

It was a tragic tractor accident on her families farm in Africa, when she was just 9 years old, that began Joany’s journey to snowboard stardom.

Joany was always athletic and competitive in nature but the loss of her left leg ignited a fire in her that she’d never quite experienced before.

“My story didn’t break me, it doesn’t define me, it motivates me to dedicate 110% of myself to my snowboarding, to achieving goals that most people wouldn’t even consider”, said Joany.
Her hunger to beat all odds and overcome any obstacle that comes her way is the reason why this young snowboard pro is on everyone’s radar this upcoming season.

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