Things That Made us Proud in September

Things That Made us Proud in September

October 4, 2018 | Uncategorized


Some brands we loved working with in September.  
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Rosie Luik is a new member to join the Blue Chip Talent family but her successes have been immediate. Rosie has had an incredible first few months within the business partnering with Private Health Insurance Awareness, Oktoberfest Brisbane and Personalised Plates QLD. This mum of 4 is a motivated woman with a big plan for her business and personal brand. We are beyond excited to see what the future holds for Rosie and look forward to hearing from brands who think she is the perfect fit for what they are doing in the future! Her 200,000 engaged Instagram followers mixed with her important messages is what really sets her apart as a brand ambassador.


Katie Stevens is the epitome of a modern day entrepreneur. An online influencer with multiple established businesses to her name, Katie clearly knows the formula for success.

Jordy Lucas from Blue Chip Talent sat down with Katie about growing her empire and what’s next for this woman on a mission.

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Ashleigh Gentle from Australia took first place honors in the women’s pro division, at the 2018 Beijing International Triathlon. Under clear blue skies, Olympian Gentle competed amongst the race’s largest pro field ever, 30 professional athletes, including 13 Olympians.The race took place in Fengtai Garden Expo, Changxiandian County and Wangzuo County, within the Fengtai District of Beijing.
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