Blue Chip Talent was founded to serve its clients unlike any other agency in Australia. The vision was simple, provide top class service at a reasonable investment level for the talent involved.

Working with a team of dynamic talent, Blue Chip helps brands secure their next face to elevate themselves in the marketplace. Having worked with 100s of brands, we know the ins and outs of successful campaigns and relationships. We work with our clients to get the most out of their hard earned marketing dollars. Irrespective of size, whether that be from household brand name or hot new start-up we tailor packages to work with budgets then pair that budget with the perfect talent for every campaign.


  • Ambassadorial Roles

  • Collaboration Marketing

  • Major Campaigns / Product Launches

  • Contra / Gifted Campaigns

  • Talent Management

  • Joint Ventures with Talent

  • Media and Public Relations

  • Analytics for Campaigns

  • Content Creation for Brands

  • Podcast Launches and Mentoring

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.

— Émile Zola


GBC_8440Ryan nicole.jpg

Ryan Chipperfield

Managing Director - Blue Chip Talent

Director - Mum Network

Ryan made a promise to himself after his second stint in England for Soccer and returning back home to Australia which didn’t have a national competition at the time, that he wouldn’t be a ‘Woulda, Shoulda or a Coulda’. As a Goalkeeper, he was a leader and led from behind and told his teammates all game long what they couldn’t see behind them.

How fortuitous that now as a Manager, Ryan can do this all day long. ‘Chip’ as we know him, founded Blue Chip Talent as the first business he had run that fully lines up with his passions and skill sets. After successfully running start-ups previously and having a strong corporate career, he understands both sides of the relationship and gets the most for every party involved. Any time with Chip will showcase his full passion for Sport and Influential leadership. He treats our Athletes and Influencers as his own family. Putting them first always!

You’ll be in no safer hands, industry-wide in being represented by Chip.

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Rosie Luik

Founder of Mum Network

Chief Mum Officer

Rosie represents the scenario we always wanted at Blue Chip Talent, as a model and Mum of 4, Rosie joined the team in 2018. She has built an astonishing following of near on 200,000 on her Instagram and is an inspiration for many. Together with Blue Chip she has worked with brands like PPQ, Playstation, LEGO and Universal Studios earning the title of being a genuine influencer who truly possesses real influence. As the bond was formed between her and Blue Chip, Rosie wanted to expand her personal growth and developed the concept for ‘Mum Network’ and immediately it was jumped on and supported by Blue Chip Talent.

Now as partners, Rosie and Ryan drive the results of Mum Network as it works with some of Australia’s best household brands and biggest name Mum Bloggers. Rosie as one of the most caring in the industry protects her Mums and fights for the best deals for them, whilst making sure the brands she works for get the best return on investment possible.

There is nothing better than having a Manager who has been there and done that and in this industry, Rosie has done it all!

Aichu for Website.jpg

Aichu Therese

Group Marketing Manager

Blue Chip Talent and Mum Network

Aichu Therese is the Marketing Manager for Blue Chip Talent as well as the Mum Network. She has worked across a diverse range of businesses and forms a key part of the Blue Chip Talent Management Team. From an international background, she has used her diversity and culture to be a fantastic marketer and brings these skills to light every day in her job. A specialist with Social Media Management and a task focused staff member, she puts in the hard work to make things easier for those around her.

Aside from a major passion for charity, Aichu has grown to love working with the elite Athletes and Influencers Blue Chip represents and in the process is growing the brand exponentially month after month.

Hungry, passionate and pushing the limits of what is possible, Aichu is a key pillar of the team.



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Internally at Blue Chip, we talk about family on a daily basis. You’d always do whatever it takes for your family and look to the peripheral to help those most important to you. Our team takes care of each other.

As an Agency we never represent two of the same. This gives us a unique culture of no internal competition, meaning every person involved is the master of their craft and can be relaxed, getting the most from themselves in our organisation.

We go all in with our Talent and fight hard for the brands we represent. We’ve started multiple ventures with talents and supported talent all the way through their lifespan, even after retirements that we’ve had – that in some cases can be just the beginning of the journey!

Want to be a Blue Chip?

These things are important:

  • Absolutely no dickheads.

  • Possess a work ethic and desire to get the best from yourself on your chosen path.

  • Show humility but possess leadership skills.

  • Crave mentorship and see value in a partnership to both the parties involved.

  • Attend awesome events with us to grow your network and reach into new audiences.

  • Deliver for the kick-ass brands we get to work with and go above and beyond to please them as we do.

  • Look after the family. In words and actions.

It’s so much more than just an agency to us, it’s our family so we take the above very seriously.