Saya Sakakibara for Red Bull

As a prominent member of the 2020 Olympic Team heading to Tokyo, Saya will be flying the flag for Australia but her major supporter in Red Bull also. As a Red Bull Athlete Saya works in tandem with them to create amazing content, promote the brand in a strong manner and show users how they can have Red Bull as an effective tool when required throughout their lives.

Courtney Angus for Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is the only name in sports streaming in the Australian market. With Courtney on the road and competing as often as she is around Australia she always relies on Kayo to keep her up to date with what is happening in sport. Kayo offers ‘no spoilers’ so you are never getting things ruined with what you watch and she loves how much ‘extreme’ sport they offer.

Thomas Maxwell for PPQ

Personalised Plates QLD are great friends to Blue Chip Talent, so when they came to us with an important message like Fatality Free Friday and taking care on our roads, with partnered them with Racing Star - Thomas Maxwell so he could share the importance of slowing down, buckling up and staying off your phones.

Thomas was joined by Courtney Angus, Katie Stevens, Nicole Hall and the Sakakibara Siblings to spread the word in the viral campaign. Headed by our racing champion as an Ambassador this was a cause that made us proud to be behind.


Rosie Luik for ASN

When Australian Sports Nutrition was looking to expand into new markets, they called on Mum Influencer Rosie Luik to be an ‘ASN Fueled’ Athlete. Rosie as a fitness lover herself exposes the brand to new markets outside the super fit product user they were attracting. Rosie helps explain the products to normal Mums who are looking for more energy and production out of everyday life.

Nicole Hall for La Bang Body

Wanting a ‘bright’ feel, La Bang looked no further than Nicole Hall to bring a spark to their ambassadorial role. Nicole is full of energy in what she produces for this company and is well featured on all of their marketing. Promoting a wide range of products can be really tough but when you have a familiar face to guide your customer through, it makes it that much easier.

Katie Stevens for Rescue Remedy

Katie has become a trusted face for Rescue Remedy, she has helped promoted two of their major product lines which are now readily available in shopping centres all over Australia. Whether it be the Sleep Aid Products or the Stress Soothing range. Katie is the perfect fit because she is an entrepreneur who needs her sleep and needs to be mentally at her best for running her group of businesses.


Ashleigh Jade for Hideaway

HideAWAY has an enormous colourful product range so we brought in an enormous and colourful personality in Ashleigh to help them convey the features and benefits of what they do. A product that can sometimes need a little explaining, Ashleigh’s passion for beauty and feeling your best made it a perfect match between talent and company. Ashleigh creates regular content for HideAWAY for their exclusive usage as well as promoting it on her own platforms.

Rosie Luik for SpringFree Trampolines

SpringFree Trampolines wanted to 'keep kids flipping safe' and enlisted the help of our very own Rosie Luik to bring them results. The early verdict is in and it was a highly successful joint venture! Rosie will be promoting this excellent brand as they get the word out there about their high quality product range. This campaign was socially focused with a piece to camera component inclusive.

Rosie Luik for Playstation

Playstation was proud to launch some new products in their range and called on Rosie Luik to help them do it. Rosie with her four children all under 14 was the perfect fit for them as the family were already Playstation fans so she knew the features and benefits to make her the perfect ambassador. Beautiful family shots pulled together for a great brand that is well known across the globe.


Rosie Luik for FV

As an Influencer in Brisbane, Rosie has a real connection to the city and when Gurner TM wanted to promote their exciting new development in Fortitude Valley they looked no further than Rosie to let people know what was happening. Promoting the building itself and its remarkable facilities as well as the exciting new restaurant Foresters, it was a perfectly executed ambassadorship.